A Biblical Look at Q


A Biblical Look at Q

I am somebody who has researched many “conspiracy theories” and has found more than I ever expected to be true. I’ve discovered a world containing a truth that looks far, far different from the world I grew up looking at. I used to see a world where most people, in all levels of society were basically good, and evil, while existing, was isolated in scattered individuals and groups. Corruption happened in governments and elsewhere, but was kept in check by the good ones who fought for justice. I never saw a perfect world, but one that more closely matched my protected, privileged life. I see very differently now. My eyes have been opened to a world of organized evil, where there is another societal tier hiding in plain sight who keep the rest of us in unknowing bondage and slavery. It is a world of deception, murder, incest, pedophilia black magic, sorcery, mind control, ritual abuse power and greed. 

The past decade has been a time when many people have awakened to these things, with evidence coming into the public about it. Individuals who grew up under the mind-control and abuse of this system have been set free of it by the Almighty God a in order to educate others to this world that looks much like our own by day, but like a werewolf under moonlight, changes into a monster at night. Stories are being written and spread like wildfire on the internet. They are censored time and time again because those in control of the media and governments are the ones implicated by the revelations of these stories. One such story teller popped up anonymously by the name of Q-anon.  Q did not go into personal details about these things but instead gave clues about what to look for, hose to decipher symbols, and how to read in between the lines of the headlines. He seemed to know things others did not, and he captivated the imagination of more than a few truth seekers and patriots. Patriots. 

While many were coming out telling their stories of the underworld, under their own names, and naming names of perpetrators on both sides of the political aisle, usually claiming that all of government was corrupt, Q hid under anonymity, and spoke of a movement within the government to save our country. Of men of high power and high morals who were battling behind the scenes to rid the world of the corruption that consumed it. Trump was their leader. God was mentioned only in terms of patriotism – “for God and Country.” Never the Father, Jesus or Yahweh or Yeshua. A rare occasional Bible verse that fit politically at the time. But his faith was in the individual: “PATRIOTS in FULL CONTROL” (1/15/18); “Have faith and trust in yourself” (2/26/20); “keep faith in humanity. Keep faith in yourself. Light of the World” (9/8/20). Last I checked Jesus Christ was the Light of the World, the only one worth having faith in, and the only one in full control. 

But Q did have a lot of knowledge that seemed like only any insider could have. As events unfolded, mass shootings, elections, arrests and resignations, he asked pertinent questions that got at the likely reasons behind the events. Who should benefit and why? People have speculated that he was a top level CIA or FBI with classified clearance. Apparently the highest level of clearance in called level “Q” clearance. But why would someone with that level of clearance choose to make known those things that were classified? Over and over Q talked about the public not being allowed to see all of the arrests because they couldn’t handle it. It must all be done behind closed doors and only gradually allowed to seep out to public knowledge. “The Storm” of justice, draining of the swamp, the uprooting of the deep state, was being done, were were assured, but 80% of it had to remain unannounced. But as proof, some arrests did happen publicly. And it is true that some pedophile rings have been broken up and some child abusers and rapists have been arrested, although few if any were high profile names. The high profile executives and politicians have mostly been relegated to mysteriously resignations. So was Q correct that what we heard about was only a small portion of what actually occurred? We have no way of knowing, do we? Q stopped posting in September 2020, only 6 months into the COVID lockdowns and before the “vaccine” came out. 

There are websites dedicated to Q phemomenon where people have poured over every drop and every mysterious coincidence. Many believe that Q is Trump himself, pointing to the many drops timed perfectly with Trump’s tweets. The Q drop would say a quote just minutes before it would be used in a tweet or speech by Trump. Or there would be a Trump tweet that would encode Q’s 4Chan security ID. These things happened too often to be purely coincidental. So what do we make of it? Invariably this proof that Q either is Trump or is closely connected to him has made people love and trust him because it shows that he really does want to drain the swamp. 

I have another view that is worth try on on, though. Try it as a thought experiment if nothing else. First, I do believe that Q is a Trump thing. I think he probably has a team of people working on the Q drops and coordination. 

But to get a better picture, I think we need to step back a bit. Let’s ask some of our own questions, Q style. 

  • What would the reason be for leaking to the public the secret workings of the white hats, if their success is dependent on the public not knowing? [gathering grass-roots support and letting people feel they are “in” on something]
  • If the white hats are having the success they are said to be having, what is the final outcome? [A renewed American Dream. Peace. Prosperity]
  • Have we seen a renewed American Dream, Peace or Prosperity? [No, it is always just around the next corner]
  • If every day Americans can know the classified things that are going on to sweep up the evil, can’t evil also see it coming? [Yes they can, and would easily be able to avoid arrest because of it]


Let me also say that I hope it is true that the most corrupt people and groups have or will see justice. I hope that God can come back into our government. But after so much research about the evil, I no longer think that God was ever in our government to begin with. At least not the God I worship – Yahweh. 

And speaking of Yahweh, He has His own book that also gives clues to things that will happen in these “end times,” if indeed we live in that time. Those things that God wrote do not speak of a time of peace and prosperity coming back or evil being rid of by any world leader or human living on earth. It very clearly shows evil getting more and more powerful and victorious up until Yeshua Himself returns to pour out the cup of His wrath. It just doesn’t match the Q narrative. 

The reality is this: In the short term, the Q narrative is unprovable by design because it says that the bulk of the good can’t be divulged because the public can’t handle even knowing the extent of the evil that exists, much less the good conquering it. The reality is that there has never been a public meltdown caused by mass good breaking out. We have also been shown to be quite capable of believing all sorts of evil can surround us. For instance the lie of COVID. Most were very willing to believe that a killer virus was ravaging the world and were willing to do whatever was necessary to rid themselves of the evil. Repeat it enough on TV and online and most will believe anything, no matter how evil or good. Mass evil is actually far more likely to galvanize people to support a cause. This has been proven – look at both world wars. People are also desensitized to violence now and would not react strongly to any of this knowledge. Q followers have not reacted badly; are they just a special breed that acts differently from the rest of society? The Bible is also very clear that good is not to be hidden. “No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lampstand, that those who come in may see the light.” Luke 11:33.

In the long term one of two things happens: 1) nothing changes. Corruption continues or gets worse; Q is proven wrong and he and Trump just fade away. 2) More truth about the evil is revealed to more and more people and more people and more and more arrests and executions occur. Things do improve on the surface and the US re-exerts its dominance in the world. 

I actually believe either scenario is possible. But the possibility of scenario 2 is not in the way which the Q patriots would agree with. Let me explain. We need to think of things Biblically. Revelation speaks of a time that gets so evil that people look for a savior from the evil and corruption. The governments are ready with their solution to the problem that they had created (unbeknownst to the masses) and they install the beast system with the false prophet (antichrist) as the spokesman, and the people love it. If the Q narrative is to fit into the Bible at all, this system would have to be aligned with the beast system of Revelation 17. It shows us a picture of Babylon the great as a harlot dressed in scarlet, sitting on the back of a great beast with seven heads and ten horns. We are told in verse 16 that the 10 horns hate the harlot, even though both the harlot and the beast with 10 horns war against Jesus and His saints. Then chapter 18 shows the fall of Babylon. The beast with 7 heads and 10 horns had bucked her off! There is much debate on the identity of the heads the horns, the beast and the city of Babylon. The most common identity I’ve seen given for Babylon, however, is the Vatican. This does make some sense and I have thoughts on the others, too. With the Vatican being one of the leading perpetrators of pedophilia worldwide, I can see the current climate leading to the downfall of the Catholic Church eventually. Many would laud this event as a tremendous thing, lifting up the beast system that devised Babylon’s demise. But the beast system will be no better. It was all about an internal power struggle. Satan divided against himself, and a nation divided cannot stand. 

I can see the stage being set for this. Q is a psychological operation gaining support for “good guys” who are going to save us from the evil “bad guys.” Right now Trump is chief “good guy.” But to believe he is truly “good” requires a willingness to accept contradictory behavior, such as: Rolling out the lethal vaccine and continuing to promote it after its ill-effects have been proven; support for Israel, a country which is currently openly practicing genocide under the pretense of a false flag attack on their country; associating himself with Chabad Lubavitch cult, a Jewish sect that openly despises all “goyim” (non-Jews) as non human and was caught recently involved in pedophilia in underground tunnels in New York, through son-in-law and card-carrying-member Jared Kushner; and signing a declaration of support for the Noahide laws passed under Bush Sr., which criminalize Christianity as punishable by death by guillotine. If you are not familiar with these laws, please look them up. They are real. 

I see Trump or his successor being set up to fill the role of false prophet after more people start seeing what is going on. A revolution will happen that will look great at first – until that new regime is firmly in place. Then the beheadings start (Chapter 20:4).

You don’t need to believe this scenario, and I cannot prove it is what will happen. It is less pleasant to think of than simply thinking the good guys are going to win, but it is the only way I can see that Q/Trump fits into the biblical narrative. 

Of course this is all predicated on us being in the end times that Revelation speaks of. I personally do think we are, but I don’t think we are far enough along to be at Chapter 17 yet. I see us being somewhere in Chapter 6, around the 3rd or 4th seal, which would mean that a lot would have to happen before we got to the beast system bucking off Babylon. 

Some think that we are actually well past that time period and in the “little season” period of Revelation 20 after the millennial reign. But the Q scenarios make even less sense in that context. In that case things got suddenly bad after 1000 years of peace, with all of the nations suddenly going to war on Jerusalem to take it for plunder, but they all get zapped by God with fire, brimstone and hail. There is no defeating of evil by secret government workings or by anyone else. It is simply 1000 years peace, a short time of evil, then evil is destroyed all at once by God Himself before the white throne judgement and the subsequent creation of a new Heaven and earth.

In the end, there is no biblical scenario that can match with what Q is telling us. Add to that the less than hypocrisy of Trump and I have no choice but to abandon all hope that Q’s white hats will truly save the day.

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