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The Invisible Attributes Clearly Seen in Creation


Welcome to Gospel Design. The intent of this site is to freely share what has freely been given to me from above: My testimony and thoughts on how to use the Creation (nature) to form right doctrine and edify of the body.

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A Biblical Look at Q


A Biblical Look at Q I am somebody who has researched many “conspiracy theories” and has found more than I ever expected to be true. I’ve discovered a world containing a truth that looks far, far different from the world I grew up looking at. I used to see a world where most people, in all levels of society were basically good, and evil, while existing, was isolated in scattered individuals and groups. Corruption happened in governments and elsewhere, but was kept in check by the good ones who...

God is Not Perfect (Because He is Perfect)


God is Not Perfect (Because He is Perfect) Perfect: (from Merriam-Webster.com) 1) a: being entirely without fault or defect: Flawless b: satisfying all requirements: Accurate c: corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept d: faithfully reproducing the original specifically: Letter-Perfect e: legally valid 2) Expert, Proficient 3)a: Pure, Total b: lacking in no essential detail: Complete c: obsolete: Sane d: Absolute, Unequivocal e: of an extreme kind: Unmitigated 4) obsolete: Mature...

Holiness – Set Apart From What?


The definition of holiness is something that is set apart. Strong’s and most other lexicons tell us the same thing. But what is something holy set apart FROM? My go to line of biblical problem solving these days is to think about things in terms of nature – the Creation. But where does Holiness fit in nature? All truth can be found in nature, yet where do we find holiness? This question comes up as a result of meditating on Romans 1:20 – that His invisible attributes are clearly...

God is in his creaton


The Creation that we live in is a marvelous and mysterious place. In its original form it must have been far more so, for now we also have a second world, being created by the adversary, that is fast being overlaid on top of God’s Creation. Yet it cannot overpower it or cover it completely, for God’s Creation is His original Word to us. Have you ever wondered how Abraham knew God’s laws long before they were written down by Moses? It is because there was a written record in the created things...

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