Most of the information being posted on this site is stuff I am compiling into book form. It is free to look at here in digital form, as I believe anything that God has freely given to me I should freely give to others. It is wrong to hide His word behind a paywall. However, I think there is a place for having a hard copy. We never know when the digital world either goes down or certain information is taken down. Real paper is also much easier to read for many, myself included. Of necessity, the book will not be free, as publishing is an expensive endeavor, but I will try to keep the cost as reasonable as possible to cover my costs. I would also like to have a “pay it forward” option for those who can afford to do so to make copies available for those who are struggling. It will be self-published because all of the Christian publishers that I have found who are willing to entertain manuscripts from unknown authors also seem to have limitations when it comes to questioning certain doctrines. If you know of a truly open-minded publisher who may be interested, please contact me.

The working title is CREATION’S TESTIMONY. I do not currently have a date set for publication, but will update regularly as I get closer. I estimate it is a little over halfway done at this moment.

If you have an interest in the book, please contact me and I will add you to a list to be notified when it is ready: gospeldesign(at)proton(dot)me .

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